Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Marsha, my best friend until Jannah.

Well, hi assalamualaikum. It has been a rough week for me and my bro.. (my mom too) My best friend, Marsha and her family was in the flight MH17.

 It was on a Friday morning, i was preparing to go to school and i received the bad news. I was scrolling my WeChat moments and then I saw one of my friends posted a pic of Afzal (fyi he's my bro's bff who is marsha's bro). I was very curious when she even put a hashtag #MH17. I was wondering why would she do that. The night before the tragedy happened, I knew that Marsha and her family was otw to Malaysia to celebrate Eid-ul Fitr with her family in Kuching and straight away moving to Kuala Lumpur, Msia. I even liked her mommy's post which was a pic of luggages with a caption "17 July 2014, starting our new hijrah, Alhamdulillah..    ♥" I was so happy that Marsha's coming back to Msia since we last met in 2012. That morning, I immediately stalked her mom, Aunty Ariza's fb and read the comments. It was full of "RIP", "Innalillah" and "Al-Fatihah". I was so speechless that my heart was slowly breaking. I couldnt help it that I cried so hard and my sis woke up from her sleep. She was like "what? what happened?" I showed her the picture and she was speechless too. And then I went to school with teary eyes. Just right after I entered my class, I immediately sat on my place and cried. I didnt even put away my bag. My friends were like "pahal kau?" "sabar-sabar" and they hugged me. I cried harder. I was not in a good mood and crying the whole day. I cried in my sleep and I cant even do anything right that day.

I knew Marsha since 2006. She was my classmate since I was in Primary 1 until Primary 6. Throughout her life, she was a very nice and friendly girl. We often laugh together, and did silly things together.. I still remember it was in 2008, we both were talking on phone for 3 hours..and both of us were using home phones >< and during her farewell party at her house, we played with swings and laughed like crazy. "boh bisin gilak oi, marah gangster depan umah lak. hahahaha" Everyone feels your loss sha..please know that everyone loves you. Everytime she went for a holiday, she would buy something for me.There are more of them actually..
souvenir from her when she went to Istanbul.
a birthday present from her when we were in primary 3.
(she waited in front of the class door and surprised me with this present :))

Her family was perfectly kind. Her family was one of the kindest and most humble family I've ever met. Aunty Ariza, her mom was very kind to all of us. Everytime during Eid-ul Fitr, she would invite us to go to her house. Sorry sha.. i never visit your house during raya :'( I still remember when she kissed my cheeks and hugged me. It was the last time...

This was the last time I met her and hugged her. 


she's beautiful, isnt she? :')


i'm sorry sha, im not the perfect friend you wished for, but i swear that's the best I could give sha. Sha, im so sorry if I ever hurt your feelings.. made you mad or cry. My mom feels your loss too, you were a good student sha, you are clever. My mom loves you.. I'm sorry I didnt talk to you for a long time, the last time we chatted was on 2nd of June 2014. Im so sorry.. I wish I could turn back time but unfortunately I can't. I was shocked, too fast. But I believe you and your family are in a very good place now, Jannah :)
yay we even got straight A's for upsr :)

we even being "ucak" together X)

you took this picture :)

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"hrp kita dapat jumpa gik bila bila" we will. Aamiin :')

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i miss you more and youre the kindest friend too <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

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her yearbook photo <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

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too beautiful to handle, acul likes you <3 p="">
cutiepieeeee <3 comment-3--="" nbsp="">

beautiful family :') 

Al- Fatihah to all of you. May Allah bless you guys, placed you in Jannah.. I love you guys. SO MUCH.
I even learnt a lesson; never neglect your friends. Love them, appreciate them. You'll never know when they will go forever. All of us(your friends) will see you in Jannah! <3>

sha's fav song <3 nbsp="" p="">
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